• on luglio 9, 2021

Card. Bassetti’s replies correspond to the style of the Italian Bishops’ Conference and of the Church: respectful, dialogical, clear

The style of Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti’s replies in the long interview published today, July 9, by Italian daily “La Repubblica”, epitomises the style of the Italian Bishops’ Conference’s interventions throughout the various phases of the extended debate on the Zan bill, to be resolved not in the House but in the Senate, as widely anticipated.

A respectful, dialogical, clear style.

These features are also inherent in the Holy See’s Note, which, far from being an “interference”, clearly intended to provide an additional contribution to the debate.

The President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI), interviewed by the newspaper, reaffirmed his respect and sensitivity for persons with different sexual orientation, as Pope Francis himself has repeatedly affirmed.

However, this does not detract from the equally staunch defence of fundamental principles, including those enshrined in the Constitution, such as freedom of education and freedom of opinion.

These issues, coupled with the ideological affirmation of the biological-political  “gender” issue, are the main points that are object of growing opposition to the bill – to be voted on in Senate – from across the political spectrum.

That’s all there is to it, with utmost serenity. There is scope and time enough for balanced – and, above all, mutually agreed – solutions.

Caution and consensus-building, the virtues of politics, would suggest not to “bring it back to politics”: in other words, not to be concerned about expected short-term gains.

Some issues, such as these, which not surprisingly MPs have decided to vote on by secret ballot, must be exempt from political calculations, slogans, influencers and short-term trends. Because they concern our future.